We finished college, but we’re not done reading.

For the time being, we’re not graduate students, and there’s little professional gain to be had from reading philosophy and theology. But we see value intrinsic to these pursuits, and we’re not going to stop digging anytime soon.

Second Paradise is a book blog, and we’re hoping for comments in that vein. We’d prefer informed evaluations of the texts under consideration to the expression of generalized opinion, but, at least to begin with, we’ll trust our readers to make the distinction. If problems arise, we’ll write a comment policy.

Contributor Biographies:

Brendan Case lives in Orlando, FL, having just completed his Bachelor’s Degree. On New Year’s Eve, he will be married to his high school crush, Alissa French. Brendan reads for life and for ambition, for sanity and for vanity. He enjoys books by angry Texans, bearded Canadians, curmudgeonly Scots, gothic Southerners, and Greek historians. Suggest good books, and join the conversation.

John Hundscheid resides in New York City but is still a Southerner at heart. He has a playful interest in Agrarianism, even though his house plant died a harsh death a week after it graced his mantel. As the only member of the team still in college, John hasn’t experienced enough of life to develop a set of interests. He does, however, have a girlish crush on Continental Philosophy.

William Brafford lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He studied mathematics and philosophy in college, and his current interests include theology, aesthetics, twentieth century fiction, nineteenth century US history, American pragmatism, and the history of city planning. Book suggestions along these lines are always welcome.


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