Correspondence in Aquinas

I’ve begun reading Milbank and Pickstock’s Truth in Aquinas (2001) in earnest, and, while I don’t have time (or enough traction on the argument proper) for a thorough post, I thought I might offer a small gem of a paragraph as a down payment. The connection to Rorty was too good to pass up:

Correspondence or adequation for Aquinas is not a matter of mirroring things in the world or passively registering them on an epistemological level, in a way that leaves the things themselves untouched. Rather, adequating is an event which realizes or fulfils the being of things known, just as much as it fulfils truth in the knower’s mind. Correspondence here is a kind of real relation or occult sympathy—a proportion or harmony or convenientia—between being and knowledge, which can be assumed or even intuited, but not surveyed by a measuring gaze (5).


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